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April 23, 2021

Dharahara tower stands with pride again

Kathmandu. Reconstruction of the Dharahara tower has been completed. The tower Gajur (spire) was laid to rest at the historic tower on Thursday.

The Nepal Army  by producing a pleasant sound through its trumpet at 8:00 am participated in the inaugural installation of spire on the top of the tower  in the presence of  the, Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA).

The tower spire or Gajur in Nepali terms weighs 330 kg. Gajur is made of copper while the outer cover is coated with gold, said Rajuman Manandhar, a heritage expert at the National Reconstruction Authority.

“At the top of the tower is a 330-kg gold-plated Gajur with 95 tolas of red gold.” According to him, NEA executive officer Sushil Gyawali had installed a Shivalinga on the 21st floor and worshiped the new Gajur before placing the Gajur or spire on the top. 

Reconstruction has been completed in preparation for the inauguration on Saturday. It is scheduled to be inaugurated by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on April 24, Saturday at 11:00 AM.

Although the structures destroyed by the earthquake have been rebuilt, some other structures will not be open to the public immediately as the construction work has not been completed. For that, we will have to wait till next month.

The catastrophic earthquake of 2015 had destroyed the historical heritage including the tower. Only three years after the quake, reconstruction work on the site has gained momentum.

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