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May 1, 2021

Two bodies and parts of helicopter found in Dhawalagiri Himal

Kathmandu. Two bodies and the remains of a helicopter were found while clearing the mountain.

According to the Military Public Relations and Information Directorate, two human bodies were found along with equipment used for mountaineering 200 meters south of the Dhawalagiri base camp on Wednesday.

It is reported that a piece of a helicopter with the word NineN-ACR was found near the Italian base camp at a distance of one km from the same base camp.  The army said it was investigating the identity of the deceased which had not been revealed and that it had received preliminary information that a helicopter of Air Dynasty had crashed in 2006.

It has been informed that a coordination process has been started with the concerned agencies regarding the management of the human remains.  The team deployed in the campaign with the objective of cleaning six mountains including Everest is collecting garbage by coordinating and cooperating with the local government, concerned organizations and locals.

According to the Army, 355 kg of decomposable and 4,799 kg of non-decomposable garbage has been collected till Friday.

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