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May 6, 2021

Hunting in Dhorpatan 

Balewa. In the second hunting season of the current fiscal year, nine noirs and four jharals have been hunted in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve.

Foreign hunters have reached various hunting blocks of the reserve and hunted the permitted animals such as Jharals.

The hunters of the second hunting season were allowed to hunt nine naurs and four Jharals. Of them one Jharals has not been hunted.

According to the Reserve Office, about Rs 2.5 million has been raised from the second season. This year, the auction was increased from Rs 181000 to 195000 for Naur and Rs 100000 for Jharal.

Hunting is being done in 7 ‘blocks’ of the reserve including Fagune, Barse, Seng, Dogadi, Ghustung, Surtibang and Sundaha.

The hunters reached Dhorpatan through hunting company Nepal Travel Expedition Pvt. Ltd., Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters Pvt. Ltd., Global Safaris Pvt. Ltd. and Himalayan Safaris Kathmandu.

Hunting Reserve Officers said the adventurous hunters prefer to hunt in remote blocks. The team, including foreign hunters, spends 15 days hunting. In the second season,   hunters from the United States, Russia, France, Ukraine and Spain hunted.

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation determines hunting quotas and revenue rates by inviting bids in each hunting season.

The increase in poaching rate has raised more than a million rupees annually. Dhorpatan has become an attractive destination for foreigners for adventurous travel and exciting hunting experience. The department had issued the hunting license on March 26, 2008.

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