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May 27, 2021

Heavy snowfall in Everest region adversely affects expeditions

Kathmandu: Incessant heavy snowfall in the Mt Everest region has adversely impacted the Everest expeditions as some climbers start retreating after reaching as far as South Col.

Everest Base Camp sources said the weather suddenly deteriorated after a snowfall and heavy showers as some groups of climbers were on their way to climb Mt Everest last night.

The climbers had to return to the Everest Base Camp after the weather deteriorated in the region.

The Nepal government has directed the Base camp authorities to call back those climbers who are on their way towards the summit for safety reasons as the weather may remain the same for the next few more days.

All the same, some of the mountaineer are taking the stance to wait and see the weather to make the further ascent. It has also been reported that some of the climbers have sustained minor injuries while returning from the summit. However, rescue helicopters cannot be operated due to worse weather conditions in the Everest region.

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