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June 10, 2021

Nabhisthan temple with endless burning flame being constructed

Dullu. Reconstruction of Nabhisthan temple, housing one of the two burning flames of Panchkoshidham, a famous pilgrimage site of Dailekh, has started.

The temple is being rebuilt after the Department of Archeology allocated Rs 4 million for the reconstruction of this temple.

The construction company has started construction of the temple following the health standards even during the lockdown period. Navin Yogi, chairman of the temple management committee, said that he was happy to see the temple of religious and historical significance being rebuilt when it was in a dilapidated condition.

Mathura Prasad Jaisi, a contractor of the construction company, informed that the temple will be built in the old style. He also said that the construction of the temple will be completed by mid-July following full health standards.

Navin Yogi, chairman of the management committee, informed that the DPR was done by the temple management committee and the construction company will build accordingly.  According to him, the roof will be covered with old-style using wooden artistic structure and stone clay.  The temple is considered to be one of the famous religious shrines of Panchkoshidham.

Shristhan, Navisthan, Paduka, Dhuleshwar, and Kotila temples are listed under the Panchkoshidham, known as the holy place of pilgrimage in Dailekh. The temple flame has been burning continuously for centuries and is also an attractive destination for religious and internal tourism.

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