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June 14, 2021

Souvenir shopping in Nepal

HB Kham (Hit Thapa)

Nepal- a tiny nation cradled in the icy lap of the highest peak of the world still considered being landlocked and poor is in fact a rich country if we take into account the natural richness and cultural heritage of more than 125 multi-ethnic communities.

‘For tourists arriving here in high number annually, souvenir shopping in Nepal especially in Kathmandu in the tourist hub Thamel can be very exciting, refreshing, ecstatic and the most memorable moments of life.

It is common sense that you must carry away something from Kathmandu after visiting this wonderful and magical land of mountains, waterfalls, and myriads of cultures, temples, and monasteries to remember that you had ever visited this wonderland. And this is possible if you buy a memento from Nepal.

This is the land where all religious doctrines get suffused with one another to coexist in utter social harmony. So, as you loiter through the dusty streets of Kathmandu or any other parts of Nepal. Actually, there could be many things that a tourist might be interested in shopping in Nepal. But few of the indispensable things can be mentioned here which must be shopped while in Nepal.


Khukuri can be a great souvenir for you to shop in Nepal and take back home for showcasing purposes. Gurkha Khukuri or Knife is one of the most famous national weapons of Nepal that glorifies the Gurkha soldier’s bravery in world war 1 and II. The distinct curve in its blade makes khukuri suitable for chopping woods, digging, slaughtering animals, cutting meat and vegetables. It is very portable. It can be carried easily in bags. Gurkhas of Nepal usually keep it wrapped around their waist to use it any time during an emergency. It can be used as a defensive weapon against the enemy too.

Thanka Painting

Since Nepal is the land where Lord Buddha, the light of Asia and the world was born at Lumbini. The paintings depicting various Buddhist deities and mandalas known as Thanka Painting is sold here and exported to various countries from here. Thangkas are traditional paintings painted on silk or cotton canvas.

Thangka paintings also show the journey of lamas, Bodhisattvas, and other deities. So, thangka painting could be one of the most memorable gifts that you could shop in Nepal to decorate your sitting rooms back at home.

Statues and Masks

You can collect statues of various deities in Nepal and take them back to your home for peace and prosperity. Nepali Masks are found in various shapes and sizes according to mythical creatures and cultures. Masks are usually worn during religious mimicry and Lakhe dance or any cultural festivals in Nepal.

Singing bowls

Also known as Tibetan singing bowls, singing bowls could be one of the finest tokens to take home as a souvenir. They produce a soothing, rich, and deep sound when playing around with a mallet. They come in different shapes and sizes made by hand or by machine.

Prayer Flags

Prayer flags are mostly used by Buddhist people in Nepal. Prayers’ flags are colorful rectangular clothes that can be hung across houses or religious places to mark the sanctity of the place. They are traditionally combined with five colors: White, Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. Various Nepali sutras and mantras are written on these flags and are believed to be able to ward off the evil effects.

The air touched by the prayer flags is considered to spread wisdom, peace, compassion, and strength.

Prayer wheels

Tibetan mantras, such as ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, are written on the outer surface of the prayer wheels which are used by the Buddhist devotees to pray to God or deities according to Buddhist tradition.

It is considered that turning the wheel is similar to reciting the prayers out loud. Spinning the prayer wheels is believed to bring merits and good fortune to the people and take away the bad karma of the people.

Wood Carvings

Wood Carvings are very popular in the Kathmandu Valley from the time of ancient Malla rule in Nepal when the Newars of those eras were experts in wood carvings.


Pashmina products are one of the finest products of Nepal which are exported to various countries. It has a big demand globally. Even Queen Elizabeth of UK and one of the first ladies of America are reported to have used this Pashmina. Since then it has earned more and more popularity and is in high demand for its unique quality and standard.

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