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June 15, 2021

Deserted tourist hubs in Kathmandu

The global threat of Covid-19 has not only decimated one portion of the world population but also warned humanity that perhaps the human knowledge that we ordinary humans wield could be insufficient for the safety of humanity and the world.

And undoubtedly, Nepal has not been spared by this merciless lethal contagion that has shaken the foundations of human survival in this tiny country and the entire world.

Now, if we see one of the most crowded tourist destinations in Kathmandu known as Basantapur area where historical monuments like Hanumandhoka is located, it looks almost deserted as no humans are found loitering around these areas where thousands of tourists used to roam about during the tourist seasons.

All the historical statues around this venue look forlorn and forsaken including the statue of Kalbhairav these days not only because of lockdown but also because no tourists are seen around this place.

The Basantpur is rich in the heritage site. But Covid-19 and its fear has really terrorized the people to such an extent that no one wants to move outside their houses these days.

Not only her in Kathmandu, all tourist hubs in Pokhara, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and other areas are also facing the same grime situation.

This critical situation has not only negatively impacted the tourism sector of Nepal but also caused thousands of jobholders of this sector to remain jobless and famished for a long time.

The weak government both politically and financially has failed to address the critical issues faced by the country at this juncture.

The tiny nation of Nepal has the fate to rely on the assistance received from outside even for one Covid-19 injection which has further deteriorated the situation while the rampant corruption is another ruining factor.

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