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June 18, 2021

Govt: Tourism sector may take 2 years to revert to pre-Covid-19 state

Kathmandu: Nepal government says that the tourism sector will take at least two years to revert back to its pre-Covid-19 state even if the pandemic subsides in the upcoming days.

These speculations were divulged by the government’s National Planning Commission with the logical argument that foreign tourists will be able to visit Nepal regularly as before only after a gap of years after being sure of the “no risk of Covid-19” in Nepal.

The government’s ambitious mission to bring at least two million tourists in the year 2020 by launching a massive campaign for “Visit Nepal Year 2020” was called off owing to the pandemic created by Covid-19 in the country.

Over one million tourists had arrived in Nepal during the fiscal year 2019/20. However, following the fear of the Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of the fiscal year 2021, the least number of tourists were welcomed in Nepal, though several dozen of climbers sought permits to climb Mt Everest.

The private sector affiliated with the tourism industry blames the government for failing to come up with any concrete plan to revive the ailing tourism industry.

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