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June 22, 2021

Domestic and int’l flights to resume services

Kathmandu airport
Kathmandu airport

Kathmandu: Both domestic and international flights are to resume operations as usual which had remained suspended after the outbreak of the second wave of Covid-19 in April.

The government on Wednesday decided to resume domestic flights by allowing operation of flights with 50 % occupancy to contain the spread of Covid-19, while the international flights will be operated as per the safety protocol developed earlier by the government.

Preparations are underway for each airway company to ascertain how many flights can be operated according to sources at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation..

With the new decisions in place, Nepal Airlines and Qatar Airways will be allowed to operate two flights each a week in Kathmandu-Doha sector.

Similarly, the government has decided to allow four flights each a week in Kathmandu-Doha sector, Kathmandu-Kwalalumpur sector, two flights each a week in Kathmandu-Istanbul sector, Kathmandu-Damam and Kathmandu-Kuwait sectors.

The government has allowed to operate one flight each a week in Kathmandu-Muscat, Kathmandu- Seoul, Kathmandu-Japan, Kathmandu-Chhengdu and Kathmandu-Guangzhou sectors.

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