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June 30, 2021

Davis Fall: A stunning sight to see

Davis Fall located in Pokhara is one of the most famous as well as a stunning waterfall that you may observe in utter wonders and management.

At the same time, the waterfall will also amuse you for a while. You may feel like standing nearby and watching this waterfall for the whole day being oblivious of what is going on in the surrounding.

Every year hundreds and thousands of domestic and international tourists visit this waterfall and bring home its memories. So, Devis Fall is one of the best places in Pokhara which one can visit to relish the moments of extra excitement during holidays.

One of the stunning facts about this waterfall is that you can see the waterfall falling from a very low height but can’t see where it goes. The water that one sees in front of eyes disappears into bottomless areas and regions and no one has ever been able to get to the last bottom of this waterfall.

During the rainy season, the sight becomes all the more attractive. Davis Fall was discovered when a woman named Devi was drowned in it in 1961. The waterfall is situated amidst rocky and lush landscapes and ends in a 500 feet long underground tunnel.

The elegance of the area multiplies manifold during rains and is a sight to behold. It just cost Rs 100 for the foreigners and you are free to visit this site from 6amto 6pm.

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