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July 1, 2021

Marvelous Nepali Architecture

The three magnificent statues shown above illustrate how marvelous is the architecture of Nepal. These are three statues well known among the Buddhist followers in Nepal and around the world.

Of course, they do depict one of the sects of Buddhism in Nepal and elsewhere. However, the stunning part is that such statues were erected at the cost of Buddhist followers including Manangi people who are strictly devoted to this sect of Buddhism that worship these statues of high veneration.

You must have heard about the ancient architecture of Nepal known by the name of Arniko who started the architectural design of Pagoda style, stupa style which has spread to China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Srilanka too.

Even most of the ancient temples of Nepal including that of Pashupatinath, Krishna Mandir and Patan Durbar Square, temples in Bhaktapur are all shaped around the Pagoda styles which had begun in ancient Nepal.

In fact, the intricate art and architecture of Nepal, other than its and breathtaking beauty, are a source of wonder for tourists who travel across the world to witness the greatness of the Ancient land of Gods and the land of the highest peak in the world.

The splendors of the artwork bear testimony to the flair of the ‘Newars’, the great Nepalese craftsmen, responsible for its resplendence, even today. Often referred to as the land of contrasts, the varied architecture of Nepal marks it like a confluence of two great religions, namely, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Newari artists continue to retain and preserve these architectural designs so that our ancient cultural heritages are kept intact for our future generations. But for the tourists, they are the symbol of attraction, amusement, and bewilderment.

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