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July 13, 2021

Enjoyable Dudh Kunda Trekking 

Hit Thapa

Dundh Kunda Trekking is one of the moderate and the most popular trekkings trails elevated at an altitude of 4600 meters which may take around five to fifteen days to accomplish and relish the calm and serenity of the Dudha Kunda (pond) trekking at a low cost which may be rarely around 1200 to 2200 dollars which may be considered to be peanut in your country.

You can also make this trek happen by walking for at least 4 to 10 hours a day depending upon your stamina to walk through the hills and valleys. The best season you find for this trekking could be Spring and Autumn in the months of April, March, May, September, October, and November.

The tourists can use tea houses or lodges or tented camping to stay overnight on this trek.  The main highlights of the trek include a hike to holy Dudha Kunda lake 4600 m and pay homage to Hindu Lord Shiva, Taking flights to and from Phaplu.

Exploring the natural wilderness and seeing Mt Everest from a close distance and peeping into the cultural life of Sherpa who has been residing in this region for ages from generation to generation without any external perturbance.

You will also be elated to see the authentic hospitality of the Sherpa people here and can have experience of spiritual moments by engaging in meditation for some time while on the trek. The sight of ancient and gorgeous Thubten Cholin Monastry will add to the grandeur of your trek.

Nepal is a spiritual land where Lord Buddha was born and who spread the message of peace who is owned by many countries abroad like China, Thailand, Srilanka, Myanmar, and many other countries.

Nepal is also the house of the world’s highest peak Mt Everest which reasonably seems to be located here in Nepal as its main crest because of the maximum spiritual domain of this land that supersedes other countries.

Though other countries may be superpowers in physical developments and weapons, yet their spiritual domain cannot be compared with that of Nepal for Nepal is the land of gods and goddesses and spiritual land with the natural bounty that abounds in natural power and spiritual power.

So, perhaps Nepal may be spiritually the most powerful nation due to the existence of the holy birth land of Lord Buddha, Pashupatinath the main central house of Kirateswor, or Lord Shiva the Lord of all humans and animals on earth.

The extant Muktinath temple in Mustang district is the testimony of the confluence of Hindu and Buddhist spiritual world based in Nepal which offers the best example of the authentic ground for Nepal to be spiritually the most viable nation in the world.

On top of that Nepal, today has widened its arms to other religious practices including Christianity too which is why it is a secular country.

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