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July 14, 2021

Enthralling Everest Buddhism Meditation Trek

Nepal is well known for a peaceful country as the Lord Buddha who was born here. The existence of the birthplace of Lord Buddha and Mt Everest in Nepal mutually serves a glorious position.

So, for the tourists here in Nepal, Everest Buddhism Meditation Trek is all about seeking peace and compassion through meditation in the serene and solitary Himalayas.

Scores of ancient Buddhist monasteries are found in the Everest region where Buddhism is practiced strictly by the monks and numbs. Usually, the lower parts of Mt Everest offer you the rare chances of peeping into many monasteries including Thupten Choling, Takshindo, and Chiang Monastery.

Your immersion into the teachings and learnings of Buddhism during the trek will undoubtedly give you more knowledge and information about Buddhism as one of the top religious doctrines of the world which are also considered to be scientific doctrine as it is based on the cause and effects prevalent in nature.

Peace of mind and even a tinge of spirituality will be the beneficial part of your trekking through this serene region on earth. Besides the meditation during the trekking, you will also be viewing magnificent views of the mammoth mountains such as Mount Everest along with other highest peaks of the world located in the Eastern Himalayan ranges of Nepal including Gauri Shankar, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga.

It is indeed worthwhile and a rare chance to be a part of the Sherpa community here. Getting totally engaged in the spiritual meditation practices for many days under the proper guidance and coaching of highly learned  Buddhist Lamas will definitely make your trek worth remembering in the late parts of life. Everest Buddhist meditation trek starts from the overland drive to Jiri and ends in Phaplu airport to fly back to Kathmandu.

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