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July 18, 2021

Tsho Rolpa: The Best Trekking Destination

  • Jeevan Lama

In the past, the people used to shiver in fear on hearing about the rumor that Tsho Rolpa was going to burst. But now such fear is gone.

So, Tsho Rolpa and the white-water pond (Dhudkunda) are the main tourist destinations in Dolkha district’s Gaurishankar Rural Municipality.

Tsho Rolpa bound visitors are so much bewitched by natural sceneries that it is suggestive to take photos in a rush so that it will not be delayed to reach the destinations.

Simi village can be reached on the day you start your journey from Kathmandu. The roads are easy.  Charikot -the district headquarter of Dolkha is just 132 kilometers from Kathmandu.

Sumerche, Travel and trekking in Nepal

At a distance of 60 kilometers from Charikot comes Chhayotchyot waterfall and a suspension bridge. If you wish to make a night halt at Charikot you may decide so. The next day you can reach Kwalche.

Simi village

You arrive at Simi village after crossing the suspension bridge built across Chhyotchayot precipice. Now you will have to walk on foot. Simi village situated at a height of 2100 meters has a wide and well-managed road for trekking.

Usually, you have to walk straight upwards and it may make you feel tired, but don’t worry there are facilities like pure drinking water and resting places at several places.

Your journey will be romantic and fully enjoyable coupled with the murmuring sounds of river and birds’ chirpings around the green forest that will readily spread its arms to welcome you.

Jangjban travel and terkking in Nepal
commoners in the village.

Gaurishankar peaks can be observed from here. The cool breeze that blows here can chill you and give you enough comfort and respite even if you are sweating in the scorching sun.

The more you go upwards the more attractive natural scenes you will see in this village which is inhabited by Sherpa and Tamangs.

You will absolutely feel an experience of the different worlds here on seeing the attractive natural beauty and finely constructed, decorated house of Sherpas and Tamangs.

The hustle and bustle of foreigners can be seen here who usually spend a night here during tourist seasons. There are facilities for homestays too.


Sumerche is the place where your journey stops on the second day that started from Simi village after breakfast the previous day. Must take light bags to make your journey comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable.

This place is at a height of 2470 meters and the route taken will be sometimes uphill and sometimes downhill.

Logistic support can be managed for around 35 persons in Sumerche Hotel and Lodge situated in the middle of the jungle. All facilities of top resorts can be available in this hotel.

Further journey details are discussed during breakfast the next day. Must drink a lot of water as this is going to be an uphill route.


After two hours walk from Sumerche, you can reach Kwalche at a height of 2760 meters where you may rest awhile. The journey follows the route alongside the river through the jungle.

Good logistic facilities are available here for at least 16 persons with supplementary tents to stay in. Various natural scenes can be relished from here. Gaurishankar -9 is carrying out various programs to attract more tourists.


A small market hub for a few hotels and lodges situated on the bank of rivulet-Doddang- is a suitable place for night halt after taking lunch at Kwalche.

Around 50 persons can get logistic support in these common hotels. Tourists generally prefer to stay here as they can hear the murmuring sound of the rivulet that flows nearby.


Beding travel and trekking in Nepal

Bedding which is situated at a height of 3700 meters that can be reached after five hours walk from Dodang and night stay is possible here.

Fatigue and tiredness are not at all felt due to the attractive natural beauty and sweet sounds of birds, rivulets, and waterfalls. More than 75 mountaineers have climbed Mount Everest from this corner.

Drinking alcohol, violence, and making noise is prohibited here as per the regulations framed by the villagers. Famous monastery Sangchholing is also here.

A big annual fair is observed here. Visitors are welcomed with local dances and organic foods on the occasion of an annual fair (massive public function-gathering for merrymaking or gala day).

The tourists usually are outnumbered here so it is difficult to get logistic facilities during the month of Asauj and Kartik.

Na -village

Na Village travel and tourism in Nepal
Na -Village
Na village is the next destination for the night stay after lunch at Bedding. It takes at least 3 hours walk. On the way, you will find a lively movement of various birds like Danfe and MUnal.

Graffitis about Lord Buddha can be seen across the stone and walls which are scribbled by Lamas. There is no problem managing logistic support for any tourists as there are plenty of hotels here.

Old monasteries are found here and most of the hotels and houses are managed by women here because most of the male partners are engaged as tourist guides and in the climbing profession.

Potato is one of the staple foods as the land is not fertile for any other foodstuff. All house roofs are made out of stone. But the locals rear hill goats and import milk products. Carpet importing women are also found here.

Tsho Rolpa

The number of tourists reaching Tsho Rolpa and white watered ponds is increasing rapidly nowadays. You must start the journey in the early morning from Na village to reach Tsho Rolpa.

It is better to take a smaller number of photos and selfies on the way as it will delay your further journey.

Dhudkunda Tsho Rolpa travel and trekking

When you are about to reach Tsho Rolpa you need to walk a little uphill, but your stamina to move forward will be refreshed by the close sight of icy capped Himalayas.

On top of it, the dancing mood of a hill cow known as “Chaurigai” in local words can even make you forget your hunger and thirst. Your tiredness will flee with the cool wind that its whistle through your ears.

As you approach the pond you will feel that you have conquered everything in this world. You will forget your pals, and can’t even wink.

Tsho Rolpa pond situated at a height of 4500 meters is beyond the description of words Three-hour walk from this pond can help you reach a white water pond (dhudkund) situated at a height of 55 meters.

Mahadev’s temple is built in the middle of this pond. An annual fete is held here on the occasion of Janai Purnima. Some mountaineers including foreigners consider this route as one of the shortest routes to summit Mount Everest.

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