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July 24, 2021

Gautam Buddha International Airport prepares for test operation

Kathmandu:The Gautam Buddha International Airport is preparing for operation of test flight after its construction has reached the final stage.

The international airport authorities confirmed that preparations are underway for test operations after the completion of technical tasks.

According to Gautam Buddha International Airport project chief Prabesh Adhikari the tasks concerned with the installment of security screening equipment inside the airport is not yet compelete, though the  tasks of installing the outer structure of the airport is over by now.

Adhikari also divulged that during the operation of test flights, the antenna, signal receive sighting, communications and all other means of information circular are tested and the aircrafts will be able to take off and land once all signals and information are managed properly.

A memorandum of understanding was signed with Air Thai for calibration flights at the Gautam Buddha Airport. The airport once comes into operation will be the largest airports in terms of the area covered.

The international airport is expected to increase the number of tourists and passengers as Indian passengers can use this airport as it is very close to Indian towns of Lucknow and Gorakhpur.

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