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July 28, 2021

Chandragiri: The nearest hill station of Kathmandu valley

Chandragiri hill station is deemed to be the nearest hill station in Kathmandu valley for fun and enjoyment.

It is located at a stone’s throw with a maximum distance of 7 km from Thankot and around 12 km from central Kathmandu.

The hill station which sprouted most recently has lured thousands of tourists both domestic and foreigners within a short span of time.

The hill station offers you magnificent and spectacular panoramic glimpses of magically beautiful mountains which may range from the famous Mt Annapurna to Mt Everest.

The lovers of nature get totally mesmerized to come here and see the natural beauty sprinkling its natural fragrance around this hill station.

The hill station is elevated at a height of nearly 2551 meters and there are hotels for tourist accommodations.


The best time to pay a visit to the romantic and glamorous hill station could be seasoned such as Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter barring the bad monsoon time.

Chandragiri hill station has its own unique significance for its impeccable beauty a range of activities.

Its amusing places within its premises include children’s parks, thrilling cars, hilltop temples, resorts, entertaining mountain peaks, and attractive snowfall experiences in wintertime.

Everyone thinks that it is the best place for refuge and solace from the hectic life of busy Kathmandu. It is suggestive that everyone should give a thought to it.

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