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August 4, 2021

Investment in tourism infrastructure continues in Corona time too

Kathmandu. Although tourism activity has stalled due to the global corona epidemic, investment in tourism infrastructure has not stopped.

Hotels are being built with huge investments, especially in the Kathmandu Valley and beyond. Among them is the five-star Hotel Hilton Kathmandu, which is being built with an investment of Rs 8 billion in the Naxal of Kathmandu.

According to the Shankar Group, which is being established as a business house in Nepal, is going to build the hotel in Naxal at Kathmandu Metropolitan City-1 under Jagdamba Hospitality Group.

The hotel, which is being constructed in an area of ​​eight ropanis, is being constructed as a chain hotel, said Nitin Sharma, vice-chairman of Jagdamba Hospitality Group.

Hilton Hotel, which has more than 6,000 chain hotels in the world, is going to build a chain hotel for the first time in Nepal. Although the construction of the hotel was started in 2016 to be completed in 2020, the construction of the hotel has been delayed due to the Corona epidemic.

According to Vice President Sharma, the construction of the hotel is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. The five-star luxury hotel Hilton Kathmandu will have 175 guest rooms. Facilities including a health club spa, eco-friendly swimming pool, and fitness center will be available at the hotel. The hotel will provide local and international food.

A separate auditorium will be constructed at the hotel for weddings and gatherings. There will be a swimming pool on the 16th floor of the 18-storey building which is being constructed with two storey underground. The hotel will have facilities including a nightclub, gym hall, and spa.

According to Shahil Agrawal, managing director of Shankar Group, the hotel built with seismic damper technology imported from the US will be safe even in the event of an earthquake.

He says he has a plan to make foreign tourists completely safe. The number of star hotels in Nepal has reached 143 after the completion of construction. This is the number of one-star to five-star hotels in operation across the country. According to Mohan Bahadur GC, information officer of the tourism department, there are 16 five-stars, 19 four-star, 33 three-star, 41 two-star and 34 one-star hotels in Nepal. Similarly, two five-star hotel boutiques are also in operation.

Despite the government declaring 2020 as the Nepal Tourism Year, the program of the Nepal Tourism Year was postponed due to the spread of the Corona epidemic all over the world.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Nepal has come down due to the first and second phases of corona infection with new variants in different countries of the world.

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