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August 8, 2021

Hoarding boards tampering with beauty of world’s longest suspension bridge

  • Taranath Acharya

Balewa. The Baglung Adubabari Bridge, popularly known as the world’s longest bridge built with single-span technology, attracts a large number of visitors.

There is no shortage of people coming to visit the bridge, evading the ban and the threat of an epidemic caused by the Corona epidemic.

The bridge over Kaligandaki is beautiful in itself. The Shaheed (martyrs) Park on the west side of the bridge attracts tourists.

However, the part of the same park has become ugly due to the hoarding boards placed for advertisement. Tourists who come to visit the bridge are ridiculed by the hoarding boards placed nearby.

Sudip Poudel, who came to Baglung from Pokhara to visit, said, “If we take a good photo of a long bridge, we will see a photo of the advertisement board as if we have a friend on the left and right.” Some of the consultants in Baglung who send students to study in different countries have put up hoarding boards near the bridge.

There is a provision to pay certain revenue when placing the board in any public place of the city. The municipality is supposed to manage the board from the taxes paid by the advertising company or firm, but the Baglung municipality has said that it is not aware of the board.

Maldhunga, the main entrance of Baglung, also looks ugly due to unorganized boards. The unorganized hoarding boards placed for commercial purposes have reduced the beauty of the Baglung entrance. Only unorganized commercial hoarding boards have been hung at the entrance to identify the religious, natural, and cultural heritage of the district.

Shailendra Kumar, chairman of the Consumers’ Forum Baglung, said that the liquor hoarding board is welcoming people in Baglung. “Is this our identity?” The liquor business? ”, He said, “We ​​have a lot to show and identify, no one paid attention to that.” The Baglung Municipality has stated that the process is underway to remove the boards and banners other than the message boards.

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