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August 9, 2021

Feature of world’s second-longest zip line being built in mountains 

Parbat: The world’s second-longest claimed zipline under construction at the district headquarters Kushma Bazaar is expected to be operational by the next festival of Dashain.

Raj Kumar Basnet, the Director-General of Harnesh Zipline Pvt said that preparations are being made to operate it soon. “Currently, the work towards the resort is in full swing, but before that, work is underway to bring the zipline into operation. The work of zipline and hydraulic swing has come to an end, ”he said.“ This zip line will also be important for the development of adventure tourism in the mountains. We are also preparing to do other adventurous things including a zipline. ”

Basnet said that preparations are being made to test the zipline after 15 days. He said that the construction of the resort, human ceiling, and swimming pool will be completed within six months.

Similarly, Harnesh Zipline also plans to operate a water bike on the Kaligandaki River to introduce the mountain district as an adventure sports district and to make Mustang tourists prefer to stay in the mountains. Chairman of the company, Bidur Poudyal, said that although many tourists travel from Pokhara to Mustang by land, they have not been able to reach the tourist destination in the mountains.

Poudyal said that preparations have been made to launch the Jetski-water bike- on the Kaligandaki River targeting foreign and domestic tourists who like to play adventure sports in the seawater. He says that if Jetsky’s test is successful, he will be able to play on the surface of the Kaligandaki river in a vehicle similar to a motorcycle.

Investors are preparing to test the water level as the water level in the river is high due to the rainy season. A zip line has been started at a distance of 1,400 meters from Kushma Municipality-5 Chakle Dil, which is also the district headquarters, to Saune Bagar on the banks of Kaligandaki River.

According to Naveen Massey, an engineer at Shyam Zipline, an Indian company in charge of construction, the classic zipline is like sitting on a chair, jumping on a rope, and falling. The journey can be completed in a time period of 60 to 90 seconds if two people can hang together in the zipline of the mountain at the same time. The rope used in the zipline can carry a weight of 2,000 kg at a time.

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