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August 10, 2021

Proaction, Preparedness and Promotion Prerequisite for Nepal’s Tourism Recovery

Kathmandu: Sustainable tourism expert Raj Gyawali said that proaction, preparedness, and promotion are major prerequisites for the recovery of Nepal tourism and sustainability in the post-Covid-19 circumstances.

Speaking exclusively in a recent series of tourism-related dialogue participated by various tourism stakeholders including hihglightstourism, the key speaker Raj Gyawali hinted that Nepal stands in the middle of preparedness, response, and recovery in the meanwhile to avert the adverse impacts of Covid-19 and bring changes to recover.

He also indicated that all concerned stakeholders of the tourism industry in the country should collectively collaborate to combat the ongoing crisis of Covid-19 and work for a way forward for a sustainable recovery.

“Nepal should chalk out plans to remain visible to the outside world by regularly updating its current situation on how it is fighting against Covid-19 and ways adopted to make the tourist destinations safe and sound. Nepal also should win the trust of the visitors,” he said.

He also further indicated that the tourism sector in Nepal should focus on the sensitive destination, destination diversity, community engagement, benefiting the local community, energy efficiency, safe garbage disposable, ban on single-use of plastic, low environmental impact to pave the way for sustainable tourism.

He also said that the people around the world are becoming more sensitive to small groups and digital awareness and the local experts are needed to sustain the tourism.

He also said that Nepal should grab the opportunity offered by the present crisis to rethink tourism as there is increased pent-up demand, increased interest in local experience, increased interest in uniqueness  and social media.

The tourism dialogue was presided over by successful tourism entrepreneur Yogendra Shakya and moderated by Chirinjivi Baral.

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