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August 10, 2021

Religious tourism connected with Begnas Lake

  • Pasudev Poudel 
Gandaki. The initiative has been taken with the aim of connecting the Barah area of ​​Begnas Lake in Lekhnath of Kaski, which has gained interest and discussion as a batika (garden) town of seven lakes, with religious tourism. 

Initiatives have been taken to make Begnas Lake Barah area a destination of religious tourism with the active participation of Begnas Lake Religious and Tourism Development Organization, Begnas Lake Barah Conservation Committee, and other organizations.

Dhaknath Kandel, chairman of the Begnas Lake Barah Conservation Committee, informed that footpaths, accommodation, forest picnic, etc. have been constructed in the Barah area with the initiative of the former Lekhnath Municipality and Rs. 11.7 million were received from the World Bank.

The Barah area has been worshiped since ancient times and is considered to be of archeological importance as it has artistically carved stones. He informed that the technicians of the Department of Archeology had come here last year to study the Baraha area for archeological research.

According to him, the aim is to take the tourists coming to Begnas Lake to the Barah area. He informed that the Boat Dealers’ Committee has been conducting prayers on the occasion of the first full moon of each year, wishing that there would be no boat accident in the lake area and that all the visitors, tourists, and locals would be well.

Visitors come to this region on various important dates and festivals with the confidence of the people. Chairman of the Begnas Lake Religious and Tourism Development Organization, Dhruvanath Adhikari, informed that the Mahayagya (large crowded worship ceremony) was performed in the Begnasatal area from November 10 to 12, 2075 BS with the aim of promoting and developing tourism in the surrounding religious tourist destinations including the Barah area.

Stating that there is a lot of potential for tourism development in the Lekhnath region, Gandaki Minister for Tourism, Industry, Commerce, and Supplies Manibhadra Kandel said that awareness of the locals was essential for the promotion and development of the region.

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