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August 11, 2021

Palpa’s Talpokhari becomes another tourist destination

  • Sushil Regmi

Rampur (Palpa). The small pond, which could not be used for any work, was filled with water in the rainy season and turned into a lake.

No one thought that this wide but unused pond would become a tourist destination by one day. Now the appearance of the site has changed.

If anyone comes here after a decade, this is the same place, no, I don’t know. The scene is different, it has become attractive. Some people say after seeing the pond, ‘Oh, it’s like a fewatal!’ The development of the place where friends used to play and have fun in the wide pond, which covered a large area in their childhood, has now started to develop as a tourist area, and the number of businesses established in this area has also increased.

Janak Bhandari, secretary of the Talpokhara Tourist Infrastructure Construction Consumer Committee, says that the paved road facility has reached here. It has added bricks to the tourism development of Rampur after the construction of tourist infrastructure to give the experience of Pokhara’s Fewatal.

Listed as one of the 100 tourist destinations, the tourist lake has recently been upgraded and its beauty has started attracting tourists. Talpokhara, located about 65 kilometers east of Palpa district headquarters Tansen, has recently become a tourist destination. As the tourist attraction is increasing, the committee has been working for infrastructure development by demanding a budget from various agencies.

There is a temple of Jaleshwar Mahadev in the area between the lake and the lake in an area of ​​about 45 ropanis. There is a fence around the lake, an entrance, a place for tourists to take photos, and a selfie zone on one side. According to Devraj Devkota, former chairman of the committee, it is envisaged to develop Talpokhara not only in Palpa district but also in Nepal as a tourist destination.

He says, “There is a plan to set up a kindergarten near Talpokhara Park, a coffee house and a mini-park on the west side, to develop Peepal Chautari on the east side as a tourist attraction and to build a kindergarten near the same place. This plan will be completed within the next four to five years. ” Even though boats have been closed in the lake in view of the growing risk of Covid-19, tourists are still flocking to the lake.

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