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August 16, 2021

Tourists started coming to Khaptad

  • Bimal Bahadur Bist 

Doti. With the corona infection rate in the district reaching almost zero, the number of internal and external tourists has started increasing in the famous and major tourist destination of Khaptad National Park. During the rainy season, various areas of Khaptad are green and the lake is full of tourists.

According to the park office, about 3,000 tourists have entered the area, both internally and externally, due to the low risk of coronavirus. Tourism entrepreneur Deepak Bahadur Khadka said, “The corona infection rate in the district is zero and the number of tourists visiting other tourist areas including Khaptad is also high.

The number of tourists has also increased as Khaptad looks attractive now. ” A local resident of Purvichowki village said that the number of tourists has been increasing due to the construction of homestays and resting places for tourists at Zigrana and Baglek at the Khaptad entrance.

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He said, “The number of tourists has increased as houses have been built to welcome and accommodate the tourists.” Rajendra Shahi, district president of the Hotel Entrepreneurs’ Association, said that the park has become a major tourist attraction. He said, “Khaptad is the main choice of tourists now. More tourists will come to Khaptad if there is full transport and food infrastructure.”

As many as 90 tourists visit Khaptad daily. Harka Bahadur Singh, chairman of the Khaptad Tourism Development Committee, said that tourists from Bajura, Achham, Bajhang, and Doti visit the park, which is known as the paradise of the earth.

Religious and historical sites, as well as various wild animals, can be seen within the parking area. Areas like Triveni Dham, Nagdhunga, Khaptad Swami’s Ashram, twenty-two Patan are attractive. In the Khaptad region, a grand procession is held on the days of Ganga Dussehra Mela and Janapurnima in the month of June.

Dinesh Thakulla, another resident of Baglek, said that tourists from other districts including the far west used to flock to see the procession. He said, “Thousands of tourists used to come to Khaptad during the pilgrimage last year, but this year more tourists have started coming before the pilgrimage.” For the convenience of tourists, the road facility has been extended to Bagleg at the initiative of Purbichowki Village Municipality and Khaptad Tourism Development Committee.

From Bagleg, horses have been provided as per the demand of tourists, said Dirgharaj Bogati, chairman of Purvichowki village municipality. He said, “We have succeeded in providing road facility to Zigrana. From there, horses can also be arranged as per the demand of tourists.” The Khaptad Swami’s Ashram (shelter) in Khaptad area is being protected and promoted by the local level bodies, Nepal Army, locals, and Khaptad Tourism Development Committee.

Housing has been started in 10 houses in Baglek village with the joint investment of the village municipality, ward no. 2 of the municipality, and the Hotel Entrepreneurs Association. Nagdhunga, Khapar Daha, Sahasr Ling, Trivenidham, Patan, Khaptad Daha (Lake), Khaptad Baba’s Ashram (shelter) as well as a variety of flora and fauna can be seen within the park, which is the confluence of four hilly districts of the far western region, Bajhang, Bajura, Achham, and Doti.

The park is home to wild animals including musk deer, deer, wild bore, scarecrow, rhinoceros, squirrel, leopard, bear, monkey, deer, rabbit, and more. There is large grassland, a small mound, and a pleasant forest in that place which is made pleasant by nature. Cows, oxen, and horses are seen grazing on the grasslands.

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