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August 17, 2021

Attraction of flying waterfall of Myagdi

  • Dhruva Sagar Sharma

Guleswor: Murmuring a sound of the Myagdi river flowing downward. The riverbank adored in traditional as well as modern house patterns of the village.

At the top of the village are dense forest and a huge precipice laying across. On the same precipice, an English alphabet V-shaped flying waterfall is the main attraction for tourists these days.

The waterfall in Beni Municipality-2 Bagarphant of Myagdi has become popular as the number of domestic tourists has increased. After crossing the Myagdi Bridge at Benibazar, the district headquarters of Myagdi, and heading towards the western Handebhir Surkemela Baranja road section, you can reach the Udaino waterfall after crossing the beautiful green fields of paddy.

After a journey of about two kilometers, you can reach Kopre and Udaino waterfalls, looking at the beautiful quiet Bagarphant settlement in the lap of the Myagdi river and the various waterfalls that fall on the head. Kopre Chahra, about 200 meters high, and Udaino Jharna, 250 meters high, are located 100 meters south of the main road. About 100 to 200 young people visit this spot daily.

There are two waterfalls here. Both of these waterfalls have become a precious treasure of happiness for the youth. Game Bahadur Ghartimagar, a ward member of Beni Municipality-3, said that the youths used to come and spend their days having fun here in the waterfall.

Udaino waterfall in Beni Municipality-2 Bagarphant and Kopro waterfall in Dudhekhola of Beni Municipality-3 Bhakimli are both attractive waterfalls of the ward. Benapa-3 Flying waterfalls and Kopre waterfalls falling from Torakhet in Bhakimli dry up in winter and flow in the rainy season due to lack of a permanent source of water.

Locals say that Lavahil, Todke and Bhakimli’s Swargashram, which is being developed as an attractive tourist destination for infrastructure development and publicity, could become another tourist destination.

The waterfall is about 250 meters high and has the potential to be an attractive destination for both internal and external tourists. The waterfall is about 45 minutes away from the district headquarters Benibazar and one thousand meters south of Bagarphant village under Beni-Bagarphant-Varanja road.

 The waterfall that falls from Torakhet of Benpa-3 Bhakimli dries up in winter as there is no permanent source of water. Locals say that another tourist destination like Swargadwari Ashram in Lovehill, Todke and Bhakimli, which is being developed as an attractive tourist destination for infrastructure development and publicity.

Chandra Prakash Bania, an intellectual and historian of Myagdi, says that the waterfall should be retained by hook or crook. He said that the waterfall will add attraction not only to the district headquarters Beni and Bagarphant but also to the natural beauty of Pulastya Dando, Dholthana, Mallaj, Gajne and Todkeko.

The waterfall is located in the middle of a beautiful forest and is home to wild animals and birds. The locals have demanded the municipality to work for its development by making a plan for the management of well-facilitated tourist infrastructure so that it does not deteriorate naturally.

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