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August 22, 2021

Festival of Janai Purnima being observed

Janain purnima
Janain purnima (File Photo)

Kathmandu: The festival of Janai Purnima is being observed across the nation today. Janai Purnima is popular among Hindu religious believers as this day is considered to be the harbinger of rejuvenation.

The day is also significant for the Shaman culture and people flock around Shiva temples across the country. On this day the Shamans of the valley gather to perform their ancient rites in places like the Kumbeshwar in Patan, Gosaikunda in Langtang, Charikot, and Dolakah.

The day is marked with Hindu people getting sacred threads from the priests while the day is also celebrated as a festival of “Raksha Bandhan” to mark the renewal of the filial relationship between brothers and sisters by fasting a thread or “Rakshabandan” around the wrist of the brothers.

The Hindu Brahmins on this day go to river banks and dip into the water and offer ablution to the Gods. The Newars of Kathmandu valley call this festival “Gunhi Punhi” during which they prepare a soup of a mixture of beans called Kwati as special food and relish this food to mark this festival.

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