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August 26, 2021

Types of Trekking in Nepal

In Nepal a tourist has option to choose out of two types of trekking such as Tea house trek and camping trek  on the basis of food and accommodation provided in the respective treks.

These two major types of trekking are usually operated by the package suppliers in Nepal besides operating the trekking based on the demands of the customers here.

In Nepal it is mostly tea house trekking that is popular among the trekkers as it is easily organized by the operators.

The destinations where the tea house treks are not possible to find are switched to camp trekking as an alternative trek which is done in Manaslu region.

What is Teahouse trek like?

Most of the famous trekking trails are linked with teahouse trek for the type of accommodation and food supply. For instance. we can have this type of trek while going on the way to Everest base camp trek, which is the famous trek in the world.

Hotels and lodges provide only accommodation whereas, teahouses provide the food and accommodation together. Tea house treks are located in the higher altitudes which can also cause lowering standards at times.

Camp trek

Camping trek is not as famous as teahouse trek but you will have to opt for this trek where tea house trek is not available in Nepal. Camping trek can be done within all trekking destinations in Nepal.

Expert guide, assistant guide, porter, cook, kitchen helper, camp helper as well as crew members support in this type of trek. The crew members carry food, fuel, trekking equipment, camping equipment.

Camping trek is one of the old classic style of trekking with the extra adventure suffused. The quality of the trek depends upon the delicacy of food items and the type of accommodation you get while you are into it. But I bet you will enjoy to your fullest taste.

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