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August 27, 2021

What do Nepal traveler say about Nepal?

Everest Base camp (file photo)

What is it to visit Nepal and stay in Nepal? How romantic, exciting it is to visit Nepal, its people, cultures and natural bountiful beauty? What are benefits of staying in Nepal? How  can a traveler make his sojourn in Nepal a life time experience? Why world famous destinations and peaks are located in Nepal? Why do tourists like to trek in Nepal? Why some couple even choose to spend their honey moon days in Nepal are few instances how Nepal can be a good destination for any one and how it bestows upon you what you have not sought after.

The following words by a world’s well known traveler Sally Dobromilsky clearly testifies from his memories why Nepal is paradise like destination and why people visit this land known for least development but is considered to be the supreme and spiritually upheld and elevated place in the world. Your visit to  this land will offer you a different knowledge that you will not gain from anywhere else in this transient world of perishable cosmos. I bet you. So, here we go what traveler said about Nepal without any distortion.

There is something thrillingly unnerving about strapping on your hiking boots and walking out the door to head to a totally foreign country to take on one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. It was the adrenaline behind that thought that drove my split-second decision to make the Everest Base Camp and Kala Pathar trek by my honeymoon. Best decision ever.

As an experienced long-distance walker and outdoor lover, I was fascinated by the “what ifs” and the “what the” that would come with planning a trek to Everest base camp.

What I put a lot less research into, but what endeared me most, was the country and people of Nepal. It is a place that has left me feeling like I gave it my all – yet I fight the urge to return immediately as there is so much more to see and do.

Granted, my three-week journey through Kathmandu and the trek to the foot of Mt Everest was a mere fragment of what this magnificent country and its astounding geographical and social diversity has to offer, but irrespective, I was definitely rewarded and drew a lot from the little time I was there.

Kathmandu; an energetic, dusty, noisy, driven enigma left my new husband and I spellbound. We grew addicted to the buzz of life as we strolled the streets, getting lost in back lanes, dodging traffic to cross main roads and seeking solace from it all when we needed to recharge in one of the many great places to find carbs and a cold beer (we were making the most of our pre-trek bulking!). I had exhausted my quota of street-dog photos before we had even left the city.

The sleepy villages dotted throughout Sagarmatha National Park could not have been further from our metropolitan experience.

Gravel, cobblestone, rock, sand, grass, ice underfoot and the ever-present rhythm of small rapids model the scenery as we weave our way across great rivers again and again while making our way up the valleys.

To walk alongside towering peaks and frozen waterfalls whilst keeping an ear out for the next hint of Zokyu or donkey bells – subtle and soothing in sound, yet a minor thrill to make way when on the mountainside of the track. To describe how satisfied I was in every moment would be impossible.

I came to Nepal to test my ability to surrender to the entirety of another environment, to forget the many things that I am at home and the many things that occupy my thoughts; wife, sister, daughter, state manager, cancer survivor, athlete. These things seem to engulf our daily mindset unless we pay great mind to construct our thoughts.

I was amazed at how easily the vastness of this great country swept my thoughts away, endearing me with the mystery of what lay behind every hill, peak, temple and building and engulfing every molecule of my body – demanding my presence in the here and now.

The wandering souls of us adventurous people will always want to immerse ourselves more but, for now, I am satiated just enough to resist the urge to buy an international flight. Just for now.

-An excerpt from World Expeditions

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