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September 8, 2021

British Queen Elizabeth’s golden chariot gifted to king Mahendra remains intact

Ganesh Wambule

The historic Narayanhiti palace situated in the center of Kathmandu where Shah Rulers ruled the kingdom of Nepal until 2008 for almost 12 generations is now turned into a museum.

This historical museum open for general people has added one more attractions which is unique historic antique and everyone is eager to see it.

This historical antique piece is a golden royal chariot which was gifted to late King Mahendra by Late British Qeen Elizabeth II.

Hence, this golden chariot has become the center of attractions for the domestic as well as foreign visitors who usually visit this museum to know more about the royal life style, culture and traditions that has become a mere past after Nepal was officially declared a republican democratic country in 2008.

Undoubtedly, the golden chariot is going to be one of the unique and attractive royal objects for the visitors in Nepal in future too.

The golden chariot designed with British artifact during British Queen Elizabeth II is believed to have been brought to Nepal when Queen Elizabeth II planed her royal visit to this country in 2016 BS.

Later on when Queen Elizabeth II returned to England, she handed over to Late King Mahendra as a royal gift in 2031 BS.

The golden chariot was used for arrival of Queen Elizabetth II in 2016 BS as well as for Coronation of King Birendra in the year 2031 BS. The golden chariot was repaired for Rs 500000 after it was badly damaged by the horrible earth that shook Nepal in 1990 AD.

The Nepal’s earlier royal palace known as Naryanhity palace turned into museum has more attractions for the public. The golden chariot that remains intact until this day is a clear indication of the historical fact that Nepal and British had a golden diplomatic relations in those days which must be revisited.

All photos: Ganesh Wambule

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