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September 11, 2021

Nepal Travel Guide

  • Hit B. Thapa

Nepal is the Switzerland of Asia according to recent remarks made by a famous Indian Guru-known as Sadhguru who visited Nepal.

Apparently enough, whether you hike or bike in Nepal, your trip to Nepal is going to be one of the most memorable moments and moments of life. Nepal known for a blend of Buddhism and Hinduism and secularism is something that would be worth observing as tourists while in Nepal.

As you scramble and stumble through the rustic villages of Nepal and engage yourself in the chat with the local youth, men, and women, you will sense a typical experience of different world affairs.

According to Indian guru –Sadhguru- Nepal is also the best place in the world that can provide the flavor of spiritual aura for both spiritual trekkers and hikers.

This is so because the sublime aura of the highest peak in the world-Mt Everest stands here in Nepal as its crest that stands Nepal’s position as globally distinguished and incomparable with any other destination of the world.

The descriptions about the beauty of Nepal in words would be unjustified as one has to visit it and see it for oneself and witness the realities that remain hidden here and one has to unearth them by oneself.

Domestic Flights to reach east and west in Nepal

Nepal has domestic flights that can easily and comfortably enable you to reach anywhere in the east and west of Nepal for any destinations that you choose to see along with a guide.

Delectable Nepali Food

I bet you that you will definitely bite your fingers while eating Nepali food of various types while in Nepal. Local cuisine is very delicious and organic also. Nepal is a tiny country known to be least developed but you will find no beggars here as in other countries and there are more than 125 ethnic communities here of which only a few are ruling class people.

So, you can expect to see and relish more than 200 varieties of foods here. Of course the Nepali foods are usually spicy. But you can order the waiter to bring in non-spicy foods for you in restaurants.

Sherpa Guides

Experienced Sherpa Guides are trustworthy in Nepal for your adventure journey such as trekking, hiking, expeditions.

It is mandatory to hire a Sherpa guide or other licensed guides in Nepal while you are going for an expedition to Mt Everest, Mt Manaslu, Mt Annapurna, or Mt Dhaulagiri.

Sherpa guides are born to guide the tourists while climbing. They are warriors of mountaineering field. Nepal still harbors the eight highest mountains above 8000 meters found in the world.

Smiling Hospitality of Nepali People

Once you are in Nepal you will never feel bored in your journey as Nepali people are always smiling and their hospitality to foreigners is very welcoming with a smile on their faces no matter what problems they might have. They are icons of frankness and openness with outsiders. You can befriend Nepalese on the day you meet with them.

Thamel Nightlife

Thamel situated in the heart of the capital city of Kathmandu has wonderful nightlife for the tourists where you can meet with tourists coming from various parts of the world.

The hotels and restaurants here remain open till late in the night. So, you can enjoy the nightlife here by dancing in a dance bar, or listening to western music alternatively in other corners of Thamel. Every tourist stays here one or two nights before flying to any other destination in Nepal.

Taxis in Kathmandu

Private taxi stands are packed with private Taxis that can be hired for your trip to any place inside Kathmandu valley. Just be careful to bargain for the taxi price as some of the taxi drivers might think of duping outsiders.

International Flights

Tribhuvan International Airport is the sole airport that sees hundreds of international flights every day. You can arrive in Nepal via any of the international flights to land at this airport where you will see hotel representatives waiting for you with play cards to receive you.

Nepal Travel Guide

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