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September 14, 2021

Patan Durbar Museum to open from Wednesday

Lalitpur. The ‘Patan Museum’ located at Mangal Bazaar in Patan Durbar area will be opened from Wednesday.

Chief Administrative Officer of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ganesh Aryal issued a notice stating that the museum, palace area and other tourist sites will be opened from September 8 this year. A

cting Executive Director of the Patan Durbar Museum, Sureshman Lakhe, said that they are in a state of readiness as soon as the issue of opening the Durbar area is taken up.

He said, “We had closed the museum on April 29 after the second wave of corona epidemic spread in the country.”

Lakhe says that the money raised from the visitors will help to meet the management expenses of the office staff as well as the expenses incurred inside the office.

According to Lakhe, about four to five hundred visitors visit the museum daily before entering the country. “At this time, half of the locals as well as the rest of the foreign tourists used to visit the museum every day,” he added.

The Durbar Square area near the Patan Museum, which was closed four months ago, is always crowded with people of all age groups.

The Durbar area has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the World Handicrafts Council has declared it as the 35th Art town.

The area is home to the 21-story Krishna Temple and Bhimsen Temple, Charnarayan Temple and Narasimha Temple, as well as Ashoka Pillar and Hiranyavarna Maha Vihar.

In Patan, the country’s longest Machhindranath Rathyatra, Bhoto showing procession, Bhimsen Khatjatra, Kartik dance, Krishna Janmashtami festival, Kumbheshwar fair etc. are celebrated.

Patan is also traditionally an old venue of handicraft traders from the tradition of Khasa in China, Lhasa and Thimphu in Bhutan.

Various woodwork, sculpture, masonry, metalwork and handicraft materials are made in Patan. Patan is known as the oldest of the three cities in the Kathmandu Valley.

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