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September 22, 2021

Trekking items you should carry in Nepal

Trekking along the high hills of the Himalayas overlooking all the big mountains is something that offers luring experience for an avid trekker while in Nepal.

However, you should know what are essential items that you should carry while trekking through high hills and mountains of Nepal.

The following items are the essential items for a trekker.

1. Rucksack

A good rucksack is the important thing for a trekker which should be both durable and most importantly, comfortable. If you have sufficient amount of money, get a branded one. If not, get a Nepali one but be prepared for it not lasting you more than two treks.

2. Trekking boots

Trekking boots are the second most important items for an avid  trekker. These boots should be  as comfortable as possible to make your trekking more comfortable. The boots must have a good grip, their soles a bit hard so you do not feel pointy rock and, ideally, they should be waterproof.  So, you should not worry not in investing in good and durable trekking boots before starting a trekking/

Also, carry light slippers because you do not want to be wearing the shoes for the whole day round.

3. Trekking poles

Trekking poles really help you out during both uphill and downhills. It provides stability and can posit as another limb.

4. Water bottle

It is advisable to carry at least two liters and an extra thermos for hot water.

5. Clothes

You should carry only such clothing that you are comfortable in. There is no sense of trying to be stylish at 5,000 metres so that means no heavy clothes like jeans.

Must carry clothing are:

  • Trekking pants and t-shirts
  • Fleece tees and jacket
  • Windproof and waterproof, padded jacket
  • Down jacket
  • Poncho (raincoat)
  • Thermal inners
  • Undergarments

6. Socks

These woollen socks will be your lifesaver in the high mountains. So, always carry an extra pair.

7. First-aid kit

Trekking can be unpredictable in high altitudes in the wilderness, which is why carrying medicines for acute mountain sickness, motion sickness, fever and diarrhoea are of utmost important. Adding to that, antifungal powder, pain relief spray, bandages and ointment for shoe bites, etc are a few of the medicines you should consider carrying in your first-aid kit.

8. Head torch

You must carry a light torch while trekking in the country side in  Nepal as you don’t know when you might need it.

9. Knife or Swiss Army knife

It is ideal to carry one army knife because you never know what kind of situation you will end up in.

10. Hat and sunscreen

A cap is also okay, but a hat will protect you even more. Sunscreen is also mandatory because it gets quite warm up there.

11. Sleeping bag

Not essential but it is better if you carry one sleeping bag as sometimes the lodge you stay in might not be the clean enough as per  your expectation. That is where you really need these sleeping bags. comes in.

12. Toilet paper

This is mandatory to carry few toilet papers that you may need during trekking.

13. Lip balm and moisturiser

The mountain air really dries out your skin and lips and having a little tube of moisturiser and something to protect them both will really come in handy.

14. Books

One book should be enough, but if you are an avid reader, carry at least a couple so that you have something to be entertained on while on the trek.

15. Board games

If you are a group, board games will be the most suitable one.

16. Camera

Camera would be one of the most important item for you to capture all that you see while trekking in Nepal.

17. Toiletries

Shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, towels, cold cream, toothbrush along handwashes are a few most essentials items that are advisable to carry while taking a trekking trip here in Nepal.

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