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September 23, 2021

On arrival visa opened for tourists with vaccination and no quarantine

Kathmandu. The government has opened on-arrival visas for foreign tourists who have completed 14 days of vaccination and will not have to stay in quarantine.

According to the “Travel Management Guidelines for Passengers Arriving in Nepal and Departing from Nepal” issued by the government, on-arrival visas have been opened and the quarantine system has been removed.

However, due to non-fulfillment of the vaccination requirement, a visa has to be obtained from the diplomatic mission of the country concerned and a quarantine stay of 10 days is still in place.

Foreigners who have completed 14 days of vaccination against Covid-19, who have negative test reports of Covid within 72 hours of checking in for the flight to Nepal, who have booked a hotel and filled CCMC online form will be able to enter Nepal easily.

Some day-to-day tourism organizations and individuals have been demanding the opening of on-arrival visas and the removal of the quarantine system.

With the recent decline in Covid-19 infection and the increasing number of people getting vaccinated inside and outside the country, the tourism sector has been given some relief.

All foreign nationals coming in this way have to undergo antigen testing at the immigration entry point. If the test shows corona positive, it is mandatory to stay in the isolation or hospital prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

Similarly, Nepali citizens or resident Nepali citizens will be able to go directly to their destination when they are fully vaccinated on their return to Nepal.  Such a person will have to bring the negative report of the Covid-19 test within 72 hours of being checked in on the flight as evidence. They also have to fill up the online form of CCMC.

However, according to their religion, customs, and traditions, Nepali or non-resident Nepalis who come to attend the funeral of a relative will be allowed to go to the destination after receiving a negative report and after receiving an antigen test based on the recommendation of the local authority.

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