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September 24, 2021

Dhaulagiri base camp draws large number of tourists

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Beni: Dhaulagiri base camp has now started drawing an unexpectedly large number of tourists soon after the government decided to resume the issuance of expedition permits as the cases of Covid-19 subsided in the country.

The bustle of the tourism industry that remained crippled since last August seems to be teeming with life once again according to observers.

Most of the climbers are reaching the base camp via air as lately most of the tourists have preferred expensive airway services to reach the base camp as a long trekking journey would often cause them hardship along the trail.

Dhaulagiri mountain with 8,167 meters altitude based in the Dhaulagiri mountain range is the seventh highest peak in the world.

Photo by Khem Raj Goutam/RSS

Most climbers, guides, porters, and tourists have reached the base camp by helicopters. Around 80 climbers, guides and porters are reported to have already reached the base camp through helicopters according to the tourism operators.

The rapid signs of revival of tourism have given respite to the hoteliers in this region. To address the problems faced by trekkers, local, provincial and federal governments have jointly worked to make the trekking routes accessible.

A team of 46 climbers through Seven Summit Treks have reached the base camp, said the manager of the Treks, Thaneshwor Guragain. The Dhaulagiri trekking route is considered to be adventurous as it cuts through not only rocky and stark cliffs, but also dense forests, and rivers.

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