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September 28, 2021

Namche Bazaar: Gate way to Mt Everest

  • Hit Thapa 

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Whether you are going for the Mt Everest expedition or for Everest Base Camp trekking, you can’t evade Namche Bazaar, which starkly falls on your way to Everest.

Anyone, no matter you are a trekker or climber will have to pass through this majestic village of Namche that will welcome you with unique and savoring Sherpa hospitality which will easily befriend you in this new location elevated at a height of 3500 meters from sea level.

Namche is also the gateway to other Himalayan peaks as well. This market is a small but colorful one, where you can buy any trekking equipment or any other Tibetan artifacts for your trip.

You will also be enamored by the ancient Sherpa cultures that continue to thrive in this remote and mystical market area.

The Namche bazaar is a popular trading hub for most of the travelers who usually pass through this market and village. Yak cheese, butter is found here in abundance.

The Sherpa traders from Tibet also come here to barter goods which may be exotic traditional arts and crafts of their choices in this Khumbu region.

Namche is situated on an arch-shaped mountain endowed with spectacular views of mammoth Himalayan ranges. The market here has all kinds of facilities such as comfortable hotels, restaurants, equipment stores, and cyber cafes etc.

Visitors can also walk a few hours to savor Syangboche or Sherpa village-like Thamel. Namche is also a good place for acclimatization for the climbers.

In fact, Namche Bazaar is a gateway to Everest where busy tourists can do their last-minute shopping for their essential things for trekking for climbing.

Many tourists have visited this place again and again due to its unique and location that may leave an indelible imprint upon their fragile minds.

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