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October 13, 2021

Dhampus village: Trekking for Nature and Culture

Nepal, a tiny country, cradled in the icy lap of great Himalayan mountains, with the highest peak of Mt Everest, located as a crest of this country, can offer you a plethora of options, to partake in proliferated adventure sports, and activities.

It is the land of mountains, rivers, unlimited bountiful nature, and ethnic cultures. Visiting this land once is never enough for a visitor, whose thirst to pay a visit to this country remains unquenched, until he/she visits it time and again.

Trekking to Dhampus village is one of the popular and short treks in the foothills of scenic mountains, which can offer a different experience for tourists here.

The village offers a spectacular view of mountains ranges in the Annapurna region, besides giving a panoramic view of Pokhara valley too.

The famous world peace stupa and Fewa lake are easily seen from this viewpoint. On this trek, you will enjoy the most serene environment, surroundings, beauty of the majestic landscape, and mesmerizing glimpses of village life and village cultures suffused with natural richness.

On this trek, you can experience spectacular sunrise and sunset. You will get the chance to mix and mingle with unique Gurung cultural activities. The fascinating mountain views around you will beckon you towards them all the time.

Dhampus village trek is elevated at a normal height of hardly 1,700 meters, which can be accomplished in just five days. The trek is very easy and tea houses can accommodate you while on the trek.

The most important thing is that you can have this trek all year round, with no trek restrictions. You need not have to get a trekking permit too.

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