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October 28, 2021

First time climbers of Mariyang Himal in Upper Dolpa being honored

Kathmandu. Mariyang Himal in Upper Dolpa has been successfully climbed for the first time. Seven climbers from the Korean Alpine Rescue Association and a Nepali Sherpa guide successfully climbed the 6,528-meter-high mountain on October 10.

A team led by Eun Soo, vice-president of the association, returned to Kathmandu after a successful ascent in 32 days. According to team leader Soka, it was difficult to find the caravan route and base camp as there was no mountain to climb till today.

“It took us 15 days to reach the base camp from Kathmandu,” he said at an honors program organized by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) in honor of the climbers.

He said that the road to the base camp of Himal was very difficult and long, but it was beautiful. “We would like to thank all of us for the successful ascent of Mariyang Mountain with the help of our Korean friends and our Nepali friends,” he said.

The successful climbers included Soko, Lee Myung-hee, Lim Jong Hei, Jong Jye-gyun, Yom Techui, Jung Jie Jin, Bek Jongmin, and Nepali guide Wangchu Sherpa. The trek was managed by Trekking Camp Nepal.

The Korean climbers were presented with a letter of commendation from the NMA and a  traditional Nepali cap known as Dhaka topi. Former Minister for Tourism Kripa Sur Sherpa, who was the chief guest at the event, congratulated the successful climbers, saying that such activities would help in the promotion of Nepali tourism in the international arena.

Director-General of the Department of Tourism, Taranath Adhikari, said that mountaineering in the western region would promote the region internationally. Region No. 1 and the mountains of Gandaki Pradesh are climbed but the mountains of Karnali and Far West are rarely climbed.

Speaking on the occasion, NMA President Santbir Lama said that the climbers from all over the world were excited to climb the Virgin mountain during the epidemic. He also demanded the government to regulate the tariffs in the restricted areas and in the mountains of Karnali and Far West.

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