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November 7, 2021

Pilgrimage tour to Muktinath temple

Nepal is one of the countries where you can see both Hindus and Buddhist followers praying together at some of the sacred shrines. Muktinath temple which is located in Mustang district -a remote hilly district in Nepal-has a center of worship for both Hindus and Buddhists.

Nepal is already an abode of Gods and Goddesses, where you can see people worshipping in every nook and corner of the city and urban areas.  The word, “Muktinath” means some sort of liberation, the salvation of the soul in the spiritual world.

The temple also is located in an elevated place which is a holy sanctuary above the cloud. The place and surrounding around this temple give you an aura of spirituality with a fascinating view of mountains and icy peaks all around to give you a feeling that you really belong to a different world of peace, serenity, and spiritual world.

The venue can also be good for those interested in going on a trek without being a pilgrim. But it would be a good pilgrimage tour for those pilgrims who would seek to salvation of their soul from this mundane world of futility.

This sacred Muktinath temple area is also widely known as Muktikshetra and or Shaligram kshetra. Saligram is a precious holy stone, which is deeply considered and respected as the incarnation of Lord Bishnu by the Hindu people.

According to religious beliefs, this shrine is significant as it is the spot where you can see the five elements of fire, sky, water, air, and earth of which the entire universe is composed. Though this shrine is remotely located, yet the pilgrims from different regions and places continue to throng here in seasons.

Muktinath is also famous for its 108 watersports known as “Muktidhara” under which you can take a shower to cleanse your body and soul of sins. This is going to be your holy bath to give you a different new life after taking bath in this water.

Those who feel height sickness can hire ponies and horses to reach this temple.  The horseman will charge you hardly Rs 200 to reach the temple premises.

Generally, you can hire vehicles to reach this place by road. But, you can take flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara and then Pokhara to Jomson airport to reach this place within a few hours in a vehicle.

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