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November 11, 2021

Search for Abominable Snowman in Nepal

  • HB Thapa

(Miniature Photo resembling Yeti-file photo)

If you are the man of indomitable courage and valor, you should come to Nepal to go on a search for the most abominable snowman known as “Yeti” found in the Himalayan region in and around snow-covered regions.

A team of explorers would suffice to visit the remote and icy Himalayan hinterland, where the fearful “Yeti” is believed to reside. But, no one has seen it so far. Only a few researchers have concluded that some of its footprints were reportedly found in the icy trails in the Himalayan region.

The story of the mythical Yeti has been aired by various news agencies including that of BBC news. So, it has created a sense of excitement and bewilderment among the people, who are really interested, in exploring new animals, beasts, etc.

Various media sources can be quoted here as saying, “In the folklore of Nepal, the yeti looms large. The creature is often depicted as an immense, shaggy ape-human that roams the Himalayan hinterlands. Purported sightings over the years, as well as scattered “remains” secreted away in monasteries or held by shamans, have hinted to some that the yeti is not merely a mythical boogeyman”.

This Yeti was suddenly in the limelight when the Nepal government in the year 2020 depicted it as the national emblem of Visit Nepal 2020 to signify Nepal among the tourists.

The other Sherpa folklore says, “Yeti is an ape-like creature purported to inhabit the Himalayan mountain range in Asia. In the Western world, the creature is commonly referred to as the Abominable Snowman.”

“The Yeti – otherwise known as the Abominable Snowman – is a mythical beast said to stalk the Himalayas” adds one of the geographical explorations.

The Yeti or abominable creature has been found to have made its place in the tales of India, Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal mainly in the legends of Sherpa people, according to which Yeti lives at an average altitude of 12000 feet in eastern Nepal.

“The creature is said to live up high in the eternal snows and be bigger than a human, with long hair covering its entire body. It walks upright on two bare feet.”

Yeti is said to be not friendly. Stories related to Yeti claim that Yeti blocked all the doors of a village when the men were away from the village.

The other stories also hint at humans trying to trick Yeti into destroying other humans, but only succeeded in making the yeti furious enough into vowing to take revenge on people.

Whatever may be the situation, this mythical creature has drawn the attention of all alike. So, you might also be fascinated by this story and your will to hunt Yeti might come up in your mind.

If so here you are. Welcome to Nepal, the icy paradise below the highest roof of the world. Nepal is also known as the land of “brave Gurkhas” the birth land of Lord Buddha, and the land of brave Himalayan Sherpa guides.

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