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November 12, 2021

Manungkot’s first Hotel in operation

Tanahun: The first well-organized and well-equipped hotel lookout tower has been constructed at Manungkot Danda in Vyasanagar Municipality-5 of Tanahu, which has gone viral on social media.  The hotel is being constructed with the joint investment of Damauli residents Chudamani Dahal, Kumar Kanchan GC, Prem Raut, and Yagya Khanal.

Hotel operator Dahal informed that the hotel was constructed at a cost of Rs. 8.5 million by purchasing one ropani of land. He said that rooms with four attached toilets and a bathroom have been constructed for those who want to live in a family environment and it can accommodate at least 50 people in a group.

The hotel has been able to host training and seminars in a systematic manner and provide services. Although we can still live in the new hotel, yet the construction has not been completed, and it is planned to be completed in at least a week, said Dahal.

Residents of Manungkot had migrated to the area around Damauli Bazaar due to water shortage. Along with the operation of the hotel, services will be provided to the customers by bringing water from the tankers. Kumar Kanchan GC, another operator, said that the main food of the local Magar community is Kodo, Dhido, local chicken meat, Gundruk, and locally produced organic vegetables.

As some works are under construction, the aim is to provide full entertainment to the visitors by presenting the art and culture of the Magar community after the construction, said another operator Prem Raut. By staying at the hotel, tourists will be able to see the beautiful scenery including Damauli Bazaar.

Manungkot is located at a distance of about eight kilometers from Damauli, the district headquarters of Tanahu. The road from Chapaghat to Manungkot is being upgraded and construction work is underway as Beas Municipality has allocated a budget for blacktopping. The municipality has been given priority to provide public toilets and drinking water facilities in Manungkot.

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