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November 17, 2021

Sightseeing bus operated for Pokhara’s main destination 

  •  Jamuna Versha Sharma

Pokhara. Corona’s influence is diminishing. The bustle of domestic tourists is also increasing in Pokhara.

Apart from being a tourist destination, Pokhara is also a major city of choice for both internal and external tourists. For the first time, ‘Swift Holiday Pokhara’ has launched the ‘City Sightseeing’ bus targeting those who want to visit Pokhara easily in a short stay.

Pradip Bhatta, market manager of the company, said that two buses have been brought into operation by targeting the tourists who want to visit the major attractive tourist destinations of Pokhara.

“Many tourists come to visit Pokhara, but not all of them can travel by reserving taxis and other vehicles. We have made arrangements for such tourists to travel in a package of 600,” he said.

Tourists will be able to travel in the 25-seat capacity bus with information of major tourist destinations of Pokhara in the package.

This service has started on September 1. Route 1 bus will depart from Hallanchowk. After visiting the Vindhyavasini Temple, tourists will stop for lunch after visiting Chamere Cave, Mahendra Cave, Seti River, and Vegnastal.

After passing Davies Falls and Gupteswar Cave, Lakeside, Khapoudi and stopping for an hour of sightseeing, tourists will be dropped off at Hallanchowk and Fishtail Gate for an eight-hour sightseeing package.

Route 2 will start in the morning from Fishtail Gate, Street No. 2, Pokhara. Tourists can visit the Vindhyavasini temple and observe the market of Pokhara, the view tower of Sarangkot.  After visiting Pokhara’s old bazaar Mohoria Toll, Bhimsen Toll, and visiting Bunji Nepal at Rato Pahro, it will be time for lunch after visiting Davis Falls, Gupteswar Cave.

Then the tour focus on the peace stupa of Pumdi Bhumdi and the idol of Shiva. The entrance fee and food expenses of the places to be observed during the trip will have to be arranged by tourists themselves. Bus tickets can be purchased from E-Sewa and Travel Agency. Bhatta said Indian nationals and domestic tourists preferred the package.

Chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council, Gopi Bahadur Bhattarai, said that it would be better to operate a bus for those who want to travel to Pokhara at short stay and at a low cost. “It is believed that the bus targeted at domestic tourists will have a positive impact on tourism in Pokhara,” said Bhattarai.

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