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November 23, 2021

Attractions of night heritage walk in Madhyapur

  • Ramesh Giri
Bhaktapur. To the south of Shankhadhar Chowk in Madhyapurthimi is located the statue of national icon Shankhadhar Sakhwa.

On the west side of the same statue, there is a green slope built by the municipality of Madhyapurthimi for dumping the garbage. There is a waterfall built by the municipality on the same side, a traditional and attractive stone fountain nearby. To the north is the attractive Theater.

Madan Sundar Shrestha, Mayor of Madhyapurthimi Municipality, said, “We have started a campaign to make Madhyapurthimi a heritage settlement, which has been overshadowed by tourism, a new tourist destination. We also want to develop night tourism, so the Madhyapurthimi Municipality has started the “Destination Madhyapur Campaign Night Heritage walk”

With the objective of developing night tourism along with daytime, the municipality has launched ‘Night Heritage Walk’ under the Destination Madhyapur Campaign. He said, “Its main purpose is to spread the message that Madhyapurthimi can be visited not only in the afternoon, but also as an evening trip.

He said that the art here can be seen in connection with the philosophy of life. “We want to spread the message that there is a lot of joy in walking in the evening and you can feel the difference between walking in the afternoon and evening,” he said.

In the evening, the lights here and there, with their lights on, look very attractive. Even as night falls, some locals are singing hymns in the chowk (crossroads), some are dancing, and some are sitting on belts and boards.

It seems that Madhyapurthimi is still awake at night, its heritage, its traditions, and its locals are still awake. Scenes of children playing happily in the square make the situation here more captivating.

Chief of the municipality Shrestha said, “We want to convey the message that Madhyapur is calm and safe. It is safe to walk around in the evening till 9 pm.”

In order to promote Madhyapurthimi as an external and internal tourist destination, the municipality had paid special attention to the preservation of various tangible and intangible heritages here last year.

Not only the temples and pilgrimage festivals but also the cultural dances, cultural glimpses, and religious songs performed have been revived.

The night view of the newly constructed and reconstructed historical heritages, ponds, pavilions, temples, parks, and stone fountains was very attractive and captivating.

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