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November 24, 2021

Visiting Dang: The largest valley of Nepal

Banglachuli viewpoint in Dang (file photo)

Dang district is one of the largest valleys of Nepal which is three times bigger than Kathmandu valley.

It is also considered to be one biggest valley in the Asia region. It covers an area of 2955km and is located about 500 km west of Kathmandu valley. It now falls in the Lumbini province.

Dang valley is enriched in multi-ethnic cultural and rituals with immense preservation of various ethnic historical, linguistic and archeological heritage. The captivating landscape, flora and fauna, and vibrant wildlife, lakes across the rivers of Rapti and Babai are worth visiting here.

The religious places such as “Brahathan” at Barakune Daha (pond) of Kham people is worth seeing in Ghorahi Sub Metropolis ward no 13, while the Dharpani area is equally famous for the domestic tourists where you can see the highest tall Trident (Trishul) of Lord Shiva or Kirateswor visited and revered by most of the pilgrims here.

Domestic tourists can explore many other Hindu as well as Buddhist religious temples and monasteries here besides visiting historical places. There are museums of Tharu people in Chakhaura area which takes a few hours to reach from Tulsipur town. Tharu Homestays are also available to welcome the tourists here.

Some Indian pilgrims also visit these religious sites before visiting the Swargawari site which lies in the Pyunthan district.

Domestic tourist couple posing for a photo

Banglachuli is one of the highly elevated areas of Dang district which can be reached in about two hours from Ghorahi where domestic tourists can visit to enjoy a picnic as well as hiking and short tour to view the icy capped Himalayan ranges from the view tower here.

Time to Visit
Since Dang lies in the inner Terai region, the climate is hot and humid all through the year. Hence the months from October to December would be nice enough to visit. It is near Chitwan National Park, so it can be visited by taking two or three more days to travel towards the western parts of Nepal.

How to reach Dang valley?

Tourists can reach Dang via two ways. By road or by planes. Planes from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and sometimes to Tulsipur are also available.  The travel from Kathmandu to Dang by road can take nearly 10-12 hours.

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