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November 26, 2021

Exciting Lovely Hill waiting for tourists

Galeshwar. To the north, in front of our eyes, there is a silver-white shining mountain range, near the beautiful city of Beni Bazaar, which flows through the river Nagbeli and Kaligandaki.

Lovely hill is waiting for the tourists to see the green garden, the saplings of the trees, the flowers playing in the air, the birds flying, and the carefree couples making love to each other.

The surrounding snow-capped peaks, lush greenery, and attractive landscapes make this place love-friendly. Lovely Hill, located at the head of the southern Mohoda of the district headquarters Beni, has become the choice of the couple.

Hundreds of love couples who come here daily to immerse themselves in the fantasy of the distant past, lost in the natural beauty, are seen falling in love, while watching the thrilling view from here.

Lovely Hill, which had been deserted for seven months due to fear of coronavirus infection, is now flourishing. Benny Municipality-2, which can be reached within 30 minutes from Beni.

According to Chandra Bahadur Karki, a local, Locky Hill, a tourist and scenic spot near Benibazar, the district headquarters of Myagdi, has recently become a tourist attraction with the construction of infrastructure.

Lovely Hill, a major attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists, has been developed as a ‘dating spot’ especially for the youth and has also become an attractive destination for domestic tourists coming to Benibazar from different districts. Khara hill near Khabara connected with Benibazar has been named Lovely Hill.

Areas including Benibazar, Galeshwar, Paulastya Ashram, Jagannath Temple, Bhakimli’s Swargashram, Parbat Beni, and Mallajal can be seen from Lovely Hill.

Similarly, most of the land of Myagdi district as well as the northern mountain Jaljala village, including the world’s seventh-highest peak Dhaulagiri, Annapurna Himal, and sunrise can be seen from here.

As Benibazar is a destination close to the district headquarters where the Myagdi and Kaligandaki rivers flowing from the surrounding area can be seen, there is a possibility of economic development, and new settlements, if there is more infrastructure and publicity.

According to the tourism businessmen of the district, Lovely Hill, which has been a place to visit daily for several years, should be made a tourist destination of choice for both internal and external tourists.

Lovely Hill is being developed as a restaurant, watchtower, swimming pool, and other places for children and adults to enjoy.

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