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December 8, 2021

French climber Marc finds new route to reach Everest

Kathmandu: A 70-year-old famous French mountaineer named March Batard is reported to have discovered a new trail to reach Mt Everest recently.
Media reports said French mountaineer who has already been enlisted in the Guinness Book of Records for having climbed Mt Everest as the oldest climber without using bottled oxygen in 1988 had remained unbroken for at least 10 years.
Marc had attempted Mt Everest successfully in 1990 too. This time Marc has returned after three decades to find a new climbing route to reach Mt Everest so that many lives could be saved.“We believe it is a life-saving detour. I am confident the route will be commercially workable.”

Marc also said that he has plans to repeat his Everest climb, the next spring by following this new route that he has discovered with his pioneering efforts.

It is said if Marc will succeed in this venture, he will not only become the oldest climber to reach the world’s tallest peak without using supplementary oxygen but will also be a pioneer of the new route.
This new route is going to be an alternative to the earlier climbing route that has to pass through dangerous Khumbu Icefall which poses a big challenge for the climbers and Sherpa guides in the past.
“The alternative route that we have tested in November to bypass the infamous Khumbu Icefall will be tested in the spring climbing season next year to assess whether it is commercially feasible,” said the French climber Marc Batard.

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