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December 12, 2021

Rock climbing festival to be held in Bimalnagar from December 22 to 27

Kathmandu. The rock climbing festival is being organized by Gandaki Alpine Club from December 22 to 27 in Bimalnagar, Tanahu.

The limestone rock at Bimalnagar under Bandipur rural municipality is considered suitable for various reasons. “As the road is being paved, the limestone rock is being demolished.

The festival is being organized with the aim of creating awareness so that such a suitable place is not demolished and the environment of the area should be protected,” said Narendra Shahi, president of the club.

The festival is being held under the slogan “Let’s promote adventure tourism – Bimalnagar limestone protection”. The competition will be held by dividing the men and women into two groups and the biggest prize so far has been arranged.

The winners will receive cash, medals, and other gift vouchers of Rs. 50,500 each. The second-place winner will receive Rs 20,000 in cash, medals, and gift vouchers while the third-place winner will receive Rs 10,000 in cash, medals, and gift vouchers.

According to Shahi, president of the club, rock climbing is being held abroad as a sport, but it has not spread in Nepal. Some call it natural yoga. “It’s a kind of natural yoga because you have to forget everything and focus on it,” says Shahi.

Although rock climbing is done in some other places, it is said that the limestone of Bimalnagar is most suitable. It is the only rock that has the longest 27 routes among the rocks discovered for the ascent. Also, since the rock is on the highway, access is easy.

Rock climbing is one of the important adventure tourism activities. Mountain climbers and mountaineering guides use rock climbing to prepare themselves.  Rock climbing has also been a part of the training of new climbers and climbing guides.

They are made to climb rocks during training. Rock climbing is said to contribute to the development of adventure tourism at a time when new tourism activities are needed to boost the tourism sector, which has been plagued by the Corona epidemic for the past two years.

“It will carry a positive message of Nepali tourism in the country and abroad,” said Chairman Shahi. “It will contribute to the development of adventure tourism.” Gandaki Alpine Club is an organization of youths born in the Gandaki region and involved in the field of climbing.

It has the main objective of promoting adventure tourism activities in Gandaki Pradesh and is taking the initiative to produce manpower required for adventure tourism from Gandaki Pradesh.

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