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January 2, 2022

Snowfall lures tourists to highlands

Galeshwar. Last Wednesday’s snowfall has been a boon for hotels, tourism entrepreneurs, and farmers.

Due to heavy snowfall in almost all the tourist areas of Myagdi are crowded with domestic tourists to enjoy the snow. Hoteliers are surprised to see tourists coming to enjoy the snow in cold weather after a long time.

Domestic tourists have reached Todke, Ghodepani, Gajane, Malika’s Dhuri, and Munal to enjoy the snowfall. With the arrival of tourists, trade and business in the area have increased. Entrepreneurs are happy.

Areas like Todke, Ghodepani, Ramche, and Karwakeli are now covered with snow. Local traders are happy as snow will remain in the area for another two to three days and tourists will come.

There was a light snowfall in the area on November 25. Tourists had come for a few days due to the snowfall, but as the snow cleared, tourist arrivals also declined, said Tirtha Paija, a local trader.

Due to the snowfall, hoteliers and farmers are also happy. Farmers say that the livestock business will also flourish after the snowfall increases the grain production and also the grass production.

He said that irrigation would not be good as there would be less rain in the highlands and the rainwater would flow away immediately.

Bahadur BK said that the production of food grains would increase if the plants are irrigated to the depths as the snow melts take a long time. He said that after the snowfall, grass grows on Fusra hill and it is easy for the four-legged animals. That is why the farmers are happy after the snowfall.

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