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February 9, 2022

Trip to Jiri’s Chyordong hill

Jiri in Nepal is considered to be the Switzerland of Nepal for its natural beauty and enchanting views of snow-capped mountain peaks all around it.

Jiri is also the venue popularly known and remembered as the Gateway to Mt Everest by most of the members of mountain expedition teams in the past.

Jiri is the place that is the epitome of heaven on earth, with another more enigmatic and magnificently charming town called Dolakha. The destination is the best for the high-spirited travelers who can make the best of their stay or trip to this destination.

Those who love to peer at nature in its true crude form and relish the bountiful richness that remains inexhausted will definitely enjoy the trip to Jiri.

Visiting Chyordong Hills in Jiri

Having a trip to Jiri means, visiting the area of the Chyordong hill, which has been a common religious site for both Hindu and Buddhist devotees.

The flabbergasting view of Jiri will also offer you the very golden and rare chance to view the Numbur, Gaurishankar, and Rolwaling mountain ranges that are very stunning.

In addition to these sights, splendid views of Lamabagar, Kalinchowk, Sailung, and Sindhuligadi can also be enjoyed from this viewpoint.  Besides, one can also enjoy the splendid view of Lamabagar from here.

So, why wait too long to decide to take a flight to Kathmandu and reach this spot, where nature expectantly awaits your advent and greet you with a new magical rare hospitality you can never find anywhere else in the world.

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