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February 16, 2022

Trek to fantastic Gorkha Barpark Homestay

Barpak village: epiccenter of earthquake in 2015
Barpak village: epiccenter of earthquake in 2015

Staying in rural homestays in Nepal could be a more exciting and fantastic way of finding fun, recreation, and adventurous ecstatic moments that you may not find in other usual expeditions to any other destinations.

In this context, having an idea of joining a short trip or trek to Gorkha Barpark Homestay may offer you a bountiful means and ends in mixing and mingling with native cultures, ways of life of ethnic people of Gorkha and having local organic foods to prolong your life tenure.

You will remember the day of your trip to Gorkha Barpark in your life, wherever you may live in later parts of your life.

Gorkha Barpark Homestay is situated at an elevation of almost 1900 meters above sea level. Both domestic, as well as external tourists, visit these remote but beautiful village homestays annually.

The ancient type of houses constructed in clusters with more than 1200 house roofs jointed together gives a unique picture, and feature of this village and homestays here.

Gurungs are the main native residents of this place, who also run homestays having modern facilities of internet, electricity, health, education, and transportation to move to and fro.

You can catch buses from Kathmandu but is advisable not to opt for this trip in the rainy seasons. The homestay concept has just recently cropped into this area, so natives here are very excited to welcome the tourists with their unique but charming way of hospitality.

The trek to Gorkha Barpark homestay could take around five days. For tailor-made trips, you are free to contact any of the potential travel agencies in Nepal and book your trip, who will easily provide you with all kinds of support like route map, itinerary, and details of trip cost.

If you can bargain on the trip cost, you may also get the best and most economic offers too. All the best for your trip.

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