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February 17, 2022

Fewatal-Sarangkotdanda cable car in operation in Pokhara

Kaski. The cable car constructed to connect Sarangkot danda, another tourist spot from the shores of Fewatal, an important tourist destination in Pokhara, will be commercially operational from March 18.

The commercial service of the 2,265-meter-long ‘Annapurna Cable Car’ is constructed by Annapurna Cable Car Pvt said Tirtha Raj Tripathi, Managing Director and Director of Annapurna Cable Car Pvt.

He said that a new ‘brand’ of tourism has been added in Pokhara which will attract a lot of domestic and foreign tourists. He said, “Although there has been a plan for business operation since the English New Year, it has been delayed due to technical problems. We are now launching the service with its soft launch from March 18. ”

The company has stated that Sarangkot can be reached in about nine minutes from the shores of Fewatal as soon as the cable car comes into operation.  It now takes about 35 to 45 minutes by car from Fewatal to Sarangkot.

The lower station of the cable car is 824 meters above sea level, while the upper station is 1,465 meters high. Cable car will be a new destination and choice for tourists in Pokhara, which is full of natural beauty.

It is believed that the new destination will help in prolonging the stay of tourists and attracting more tourists in the city which has earned world fame for its natural beauty.

The company has fixed a fare of Rs 700 for Nepalis, Rs 800 for tourists from SAARC countries and 9 dollar for third country nationals, said Dinesh Poudel, General Manager of the project.

There is a 50 percent discount for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. 25 percent has been invested in the project by locals and 75 percent by various entrepreneurs.

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