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March 9, 2022

Korean poet Kim published 100 poems about Nepal

Korean poet Kim Hang Hyo, whose Nepali name is Sagarmatha Gurung, has published a collection of poems containing 100 poems written during his visit to Nepal.

Poems written about Nepal are included in the collection of poems titled “Souls who live by embracing the mountains”.

The poems are written in Korean. The poet Kim informed that he has selected 100 poems from the many poems written in the period of 18 years since he first entered Nepal in 2004.

It includes poems titled “Stars of Langtang Village, Tears of Kirtipur, People Displaced by Earthquake after Kathmandu Earthquake, Tears in Pashupati, Father with Tears in His Eyes, Goodbye Beloved, Letter to Sandeep, Farewell Brother”.

In addition, Okhaldhunga, The Legend of Bhedetar, waterfalls, walls, roads, wooden houses, such as the realities connected with the geography of Nepal are written in poetry. He also expresses the philosophy of human life in the titles of life, silence, crying, hope, sorrow, farewell, soul, God, and man, moon and dog, life and death, tears, the dawn of new day.

In the same way, the beautiful soul embracing the mountains, dreaming of the Himalayas, walking in the mountains, flowers are blooming in the shelter of the sand under the mountains, and the feelings associated with the mountains are expressed in the poems.

Not only foreign employment but also happy and unique moments experienced in Nepal, natural beauty, Nepal and Nepali’s way of life, culture, and various topics are presented in the poem. The book is published in Korea.

Before this book of the poet Kim, a book called ‘Annapurna’ containing Annapurna travel memoirs was also published in the Korean language. Four of his books translated into Nepali have been published in Nepal too.

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